Young Entrepreneur Programme

The Young Entrepreneur programme is tailor made to the needs of bilingual children and endeavours to ensure a balance between academics and leisure. Given your child’s high level of English, our challenge is to design a programme which combines stimulating language consolidation alongside the development of practical language skills for use outside the classroom.

Created and directed in collaboration with Brian Moore neuro linguistic specialist.

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The programme is divided into five main areas:

  • Innovate Project – We have designed a unique challenge for your child. They will use all of the skills learned over their years studying English alongside the expert training and coaching skills of Brian Moore to effectively become young Entrepreneurs for the duration of the programme. Our programme wishes to teach your kids how to work effectively as a team, how to come up with and decide on a viable project and how to realise both physically and technologically their chosen product before putting it on the market.
  • Host Family Experience – Your child will practice his or her spoken English in a natural context. He or she will consolidate language already learned as well as learn how to adapt to the lifestyle of an Irish family.
  • Sporting/Artistic Activities – Your child can try out a new sport or continue practicing one already familiar to him or her, sport is an integral part of our summer programme.
  • Classes through English – Your children will have the opportunity to continue their classwork with a local high school teacher. The themes of the lessons covered are cultural, historical, geographical and environmental and will give your child a unique insight into life  in Ireland. Students will be brought on up to four field trips which will further motivate and stimulate their interest.
  • Multinational Experience – The Clare Language Centre attracts children from all over the world during the summer period. Therefore your children will have the opportunity to mingle and make friends with students from Spain, France, China, Korea and Russia to name but a few. Interaction will occur during the morning sporting or artistic activities and during break times as well as on Saturday excursions.

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