Summer Programmes

We work in partnership with the Clare Language Centre located in Ennis to deliver all of our summer courses. The Clare Language Centre is fully certified and boasts highly qualified mother tongue teachers who strive to make each students experience educational and fun.

Ennis is a medieval town located on the west coast of Ireland, south of Galway and north of Limerick and is a major tourist destination. Check out the Visit Ennis Website for more information.

English & Activities Summer Programme for Teenagers

We offer your teenagers a safe, fun filled linguistically challenging experience using the classic formula of morning classes and afternoon activities while living with a local Irish family. This programme is run in conjunction with Clare Language Centre; see more information here.


We offer to a limited number of students who are 18 years and over the opportunity to live with an Irish family and do work experience. This experience is for a minimum of 1 month and can be hugely rewarding.

Young Adult Programme

We offer young adults from 17 to 23 a culturally stimulating experience living with a local family in the west coast of Ireland. We are equipped to meet the needs of students from beginners to the advanced. We offer small group classes and arrange activities in line with the students’ interests while also leaving the student plenty of free time to explore and study independently. This programme is run in conjunction with Clare Langauge Centre; see more information here.

Family Programme

We offer families the opportunity to take an English language course together in Ennis with specialised young learner teachers. See more information here.

Young Entrepreneur Programme

This programme is aimed at bi-lingual students or students with a superior level of both verbal and aural fluency. The course aims to stimulate your child’s creativity and transform him/her into successful, budding entrepreneur. See more on this programme here.

Home Stay

We offer teenagers the opportunity to live with a family on a full time basis and immerse themselves in Irish family life and culture. Tara Placements will place your child for a minimum of two weeks with a carefully matched family and will assist with transfers if required. Your child’s day-to-day life will be organised by the host family.