High School Placements

We specialise in academic year-long programmes tailor-made to each student’s needs. We work to ensure that each student feels happy and fulfilled. We believe that the host family is central to a student’s well-being and serenity; therefore we spend time and energy sourcing the most suitable family for your child. The schools we use are local and are usually small, which means that your child will benefit from a small teacher-student ratio as well as more homely and friendly environment. At the end of his or her time in Ireland your child will be more independent, broad-minded and will have dramatically improved his or her spoken and written English. Should any problems arise relating to any aspect of your child’s stay we are on hand to ensure a  quick resolution.

High School Programme: Age 11- 17

The programme is open to teenagers aged 11 to 17 who wish to enrol in a secondary school in the West of Ireland. The Irish school system is ranked 15th in the world and is considered to be inclusive. The atmosphere in Irish schools is positive, caring and welcoming.

Each child will be matched with a host family, who have a child of a similar age and who attend the same school where possible. Host families host one foreign student so as to ensure a complete cultural immersion.

What is included in the programme?

  • Transfer from the airport on arrival and transfer to the airport on completion of the programme
  • Placement of the student with suitable host family
  • Enrolment of the student in a suitable school including fees and insurance
  • Orientation on arrival
  • Regular meetings with the local coordinator
  • Regular progress reports
  • Emergency 24 contact service
  • School text books
  • School uniform
  • Problem solving: Tara Placements will liaise with all of the parties to ensure the well-being and success of each student
  • Full board and accommodation in a host family
  • All administration fees
  • Invitations to all Tara Placements social events such as the Christmas Party
  • Procurement of the documentation necessary to re-enrol in school abroad

Not included in the programme

  • Flights to or from Ireland
  • School bus ticket where needed
  • School shoes and jacket
  • School stationary
  • Any miscellaneous school or sports item
  • Transfers to and from airport at any other time during the programme
  • Enrolment fees for mock and state exams
  • Anything that is not expressly mentioned on the “Programme Includes“ list

*Approximate Placement Dates:


Academic Year Placement: end of August to end of May of the following year

1st Term Placement: end of August to end of term for Christmas holidays

2nd Term Placement: Early January to Easter

Ad Hoc Placements: We are happy to discuss a period of time which suits your specific needs and is accordance with the each school’s availability

*Please Note: Exact term dates in Ireland differ per school. Please visit http://www.schooldays.ie/articles/school-calendar for further information.