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We are Tara Placements
We Enrol Students in schools in the West of Ireland
We Offer Mini-Placements, Mini-Stays, Short, Medium & Long Term Placements as well as High School Placements.

“If I had known everything would be so positive, I would have stayed longer in Ireland!”.

Timo: German Student

“We have learned as much from Clotilde as she has from us”.

Marie Flanagan: Host Mother

“My time here is Ireland has been life changing”. Maria Torres: Spanish Student

“Our family has learned a lot from having students in our home & my daughter has made lifelong friendships”. Geraldine Hansbury: Host Mother

Come to learn a new language & experience a different culture!
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Offering English School Placements in the West of Ireland

Tara Placements specialises in high school academic placements for visiting European students who want to study through an English school system. We enrol students in secondary schools in the west of Ireland. Other programmes offered by Tara Placements include Home Stays, Young Entrepreneur Education as well as Summer Programmes. All of our students reside with carefully chosen host families.

English school placement has become an important aspect of education for many foreign students. It broadens their employment choices in the future. Please download our brochure below for further information on the school programmes we have available or check out our programme categories here.

We work closely with the following English school agents: Braden English, Speak & Go Idiomas, Tu Inglés en Irlanda, the Andersen School, Milano, Escuela de Idiomas y Cultura EDIC and the Clare Langauge Centre.

Download our brochure below!